If you have had a diagnosis of breast cancer, are at least three months post-treatment and are looking for a way to strengthen both body and spirit, dragon boat racing might just be for you.

Our program promotes improved fitness, camaraderie, and support. There is life after a diagnosis of breast cancer and it can be active, challenging and fun!

Dragon Boat Season

The Dragon Boat training and racing season runs from February through to September. We hold an orientation meeting once per year, where potential new members are invited to register for the upcoming training and racing season.

Intake for the 2017 training and racing season took place in January. If you are interested in learning how you can volunteer or become involved in Breast Friends, or to inquire about the 2018 season, please send an email to info@breastfriendsedmonton.org.

Our Training Program

There are three phases of the Survivor training program:

  • February & March – Weight training/cardiovascular exercise
  • April & May – paddling in a pool boat + weight training/cardiovascular exercise
  • Late May to September – paddling on open water

No previous fitness or paddling experience is required. The program accommodates all fitness levels and abilities. You may be asked to see your doctor before you start training. We train three times a week with trained coaches and instructors. Team members must attend 60 per cent of practices in order to move through the three phases of training and to be eligible to race.


Breast Friends Society runs the Breast Friends Dragon Boat Team of Edmonton. The annual membership fee to become a member of Breast Friends Society is $25. Anyone who supports our mission is welcome to join.

Breast cancer survivors who wish to train in the Survivor Program pay an additional fee of $75 per year, which includes coaching, participation in the Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival, a Breast Friends team shirt and a PFD. You may also wish to purchase a paddle and gloves. For out-of -town festivals there is an additional cost, but travel is not required to be a participant.

Committees and Fundraising

Members are required to join a committee each year (eg. fundraising, festivals, training), and participate in some fundraising activities. Each spring we hold a Silent Auction, which is our major fundraising event of the year.