Breast Friends Dragon Boat Racing Team of Edmonton

“You’ve got breast cancer.”

Those are devastating words that no woman wants to hear. While surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and hormone therapy are effective treatments for fighting cancer, they will sap your energy. You may miss work and face financial challenges. Social isolation and fear can affect your mental health. It can feel as if cancer has stolen your physical and emotional well-being.

Breast Friends helps breast cancer survivors take back that power.

We are women from Edmonton and surrounding communities, from every walk of life, and with varied fitness levels. We are all breast cancer survivors. Each member of our team proves that life can be full, vigorous and filled with joy after a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Our Motto is Awareness and Hope in a Dragon Boat!

Breast Friends’ mission:

  • To encourage women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to lead full and active lives
  • To demonstrate the benefits of an active lifestyle through the sport of dragon boating
  • To raise awareness about breast cancer and encourage the pursuit of a cure
  • To provide support and fellowship to team members
  • To have fun!

Why do we paddle?:

In team members’ own words:

“I think a lot of people feel that once they have the diagnosis of breast cancer, that’s it. But we bring hope and awareness in our boat.” – Rashida H.

“The camaraderie of the group is great, through good times and bad.” – Joyce M.

“Looking to each other, encouraging each other… that’s what this group is about, for sure.” – Norine K.

“You kind of get in touch with that physical inner strength and it kind of gives your whole soul a feeling of strength.” – Val B.

If you are interested in learning how you can volunteer or become involved in Breast Friends, or to inquire about the 2019 season, please send an email to

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